Angelene Tulett

I have come to realize that I am fascinated by the human spirit…

After Glow | mixed media | 20x24

After Glow | mixed media | 20×24 | £ 450.00

Angelene Tulett is a visual artist based out of Toronto, Canada who has been on a journey to unite her love of painting with her affinity for teaching. Having received her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Painting at the Ontario College of Art & Design, she has exhibited her works in solo, at group shows and festivals throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Campbell River, BC, Halifax, NS, and Naples, FLA. While becoming immersed in her community as an art instructor, mentor and artist, she began designing and administering numerous arts and crafts programs and workshops for youth in Toronto. She has traveled extensively throughout Canada, U.S.A, Europe, Mexico, Central America and Africa, connecting with people and studying the cultural aspects that make us unique.

She states: “After being immersed in unfamiliar settings where customs, language and landscape were foreign, I have come to realize that I am fascinated by the human spirit and what we are capable of achieving as individuals and as a collective, specifically by focusing on ways to communicate and foster relatability through art”.


Cave Dweller 1 | mixed media | 18x14

Cave Dweller 1 | mixed media | 18×14 | £ 350.00


Cave Dweller 2 | mixed media | 18x14

Cave Dweller 2 | mixed media | 18×14 | £ 350.00


As a visual artist, Tulett surrenders her canvases to daring palettes and eclectic artistic genres. Her work can be recognized by her distinctive, bold palettes and the tendency to synthesize realist and surrealist qualities in her portraits and landscapes. More recently, her new body of abstracts can be felt as the embodiment of colour therapy when seen collectively. Their overwhelmingly bright, textured and playful tonalities are marked with patches of gold leaf, bringing shifting surprises in varying light.


Kandinsky's Follower | mixed media | 18x14

Kandinsky’s Follower | mixed media | 18×14 | £ 350.00







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